Finland: Criminal Law Professor thinks prosecuting attorney should appeal judge’s hand slap ruling to foreigner rapist of 15 y/o girl……..


This article is related to the recent article I posted concerning the trial of a (let’s be frank here, a Muslim) 19-year-old man who raped a 15-year-old girl last year in Finland.


The rapist was given a suspended sentence with a mere 90 hrs of community service and a 5000 euro fine, an outrage in any western country. There was no thought given to the girl in question, her rape was worth only 90 hrs of emptying bedpans or sweeping streets and 5000 euros. A total miscarriage of justice. If this judge was elected by the people as they are in the US, the possibility of such blatant political decisions wouldn’t be as likely as they are here.


H/T: Markku Pakarinen


Rapist was spared from jail because his “social survival” was threatened-professor asks if anyone is wondering about the raped girl

Yesterday at 18:56

The settlement of the Court of Appeal of Eastern Finland in the Joensuu rape affair has attracted criticism. The grounds for Conditional imprisonment is not convincing for Professor of Criminal Caw, Matti Tolvato.




“Imprisonment Always causes problems”

Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Eastern Finland, Matti Tolvanen, considers the views of the court problematic. According to Tolvanen the offence cited is of a serious nature and does not recall the grounds used by the Court of Appeal in other similar criminal cases.


– I would almost encourage the prosecution to apply for an appeal, says Tolvanen


– When the penalty is imposed according to the act, the offences in question should not have an effective factor in whether alcohol was a problem factor or not.


According to Professor Tolvan, the cases mentioned by the Court of Appeal are not sufficient to be a “particularly weighty basis” for two years of conditional imprisonment. As a reasonable justification, he will mainly consider at the theoretical level if the case raised extraordinary publicity during the pre-trial phase.


Survival problems in prison can be a good argument for conditional conviction in some criminal cases, but may not be applicable now. This is what Tolvanen thinks.



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