About @FoxNews outrage over @JudgeJeanine questioning @IlhanOmar ‘s sharia-supremacism vis-a-vis the Constitution……..


Fox News owes Judge Jeanine a big apology…


Judge Jeanine - St Jude Kids, Trump Charity Victims Of ...


All I need to prove that @JudgeJeanine was right concerning @IlhanMN’s hijab, is to point to her use of a certain style of hijab during a congressional hearing. She chose to wear the most radical looking kind of hijab she could find, black, and with full head and neck covering. 


She is using her hijab in a very political way which can be seen in how and where she uses it.


The hijab is not like a Jewish woman’s prayer shawl or a wig (a sheitel) used by orthodox women to comply with Jewish law on covering one’s hair. The hijab is very much a political symbol, so much so that these head coverings are the first noticeable sign that an area has become Islamic, even in areas that already had a (more secular) Muslim population.


The symbol of the hijab is used to project Islamic power, same as open street praying where Muslims flop their prayer mats down and take over entire streets as a show of strength. The hijab does exactly the same thing. It announces to the non-Muslim public at large, and to more secularized Muslims that: “do take note, Islam is here, and is a force to be reckoned with.


This is sharia-supremacism, a totalitarian ideology wrapped in a belief system that in the modern age, it’s adherents and operatives have learned to use the liberal system to wage its war (societal jihad) without spilling a drop of blood. Getting the non-Muslim to succumb under the weight of fear of being called a bigot, while they carve out more space for Islam. It’s both ingenious and devious at the same time, and very, very effective. Just look at how easy it was for Omar to cry foul, for pseudo-conservatives to give bended knee and condemn Judge Pirro and for the baying masses to demand her removal.


CAIR is now firmly seated in Congress, and this is not the last time we see them flex their muscles. Their shot (the koran) has been fired across the bow of the constitution (liberty and freedom), and we need to push back hard. I predict that Judge Jeanine’s time is short on Fox because I don’t believe that she’ll back down, as well as the sharia-supremacists will now be sharpening their blades, looking for any excuse to pounce.

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