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Finland: Iraqi beats, kills, dismembers, cooks, paints friend’s bones after argument, neighbors heard fight then sounds of sawing…….


I’m speechless…


Strange features in criminal homicide in Kotka: The victim was burned, tissues were removed by heating and bones painted hidden – suspect denies he caused the death


A 43-year-old Iraqi man in the Kymenlaakso District Court was charged with homicide and violating the dead. According to the prosecutor, the 43-year-old kicked and beat a 35-year-old acquaintance to death and then treated the body in many ways.


The act took place in an apartment building on 26 August 2018 in an apartment in Haltijantie 8 A, Kotka. According to the charges, the 43-year-old hit and kicked the victim to death.


There was quarreling and then homicide in the apartment. Downstairs neighbors had heard the noise. The blood spatter in the apartment also pointed to a fight.


The neighbors also heard silence and resistance. They called the police who stood at the door of the apartment that evening. However, the 43-year-old did not open the door and the police patrol left.


The 43-year-old was only arrested about two months later on 23 October.


The accused denied the charges. According to the 43-year-old, he did not commit violence to his very good friend, but he was confronted with an unexpected sudden death while they had been arguing.


He admitted to the charge of violating the dead.


-He did not know that we could conduct a forensic study to investigate the cause of death. He assumed that if a corpse was found in his apartment, he would be the culprit, a 43-year-old who tried to assist him.


-if he had known it, he would have called the police. After the act he had struck himself and fell despondent. He was in shock.




According to the prosecutor, the 43-year-old bought an electric knife saw and garbage bags at Tokmann’s (dept. store) the next day. He moved the victim’s car to another location away from the owner’s road near the house.


The 43-year-old dug a pit in the woods where the body was to be taken, but he couldn’t carry it. This is why he had decided to cut up the body.


The victim was chopped with a knife and a saw. The neighbors had heard the noise from the apartment sawing and they thought there was a renovation.


The 43-year-old told the police that he had cut off the feet and hands. After that, they were sawn into smaller sections.


After that the body parts had been heated in an oven or furnace and the tissues were detached.


The bones had been washed several times. Some of them were painted with light paint. The bones were also busted and sawn into smaller sections.


The bones had been put in forty five bags, which also had spices and detergents.


The bones were stripped so thoroughly that the bone marrow was removed.



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