Denmark: Government not ruling out forcible deportation of Somalis who refuse to leave…….


It’s an interesting conundrum for the Left…


On the one hand, insisting that Europe needs 3rd world migrants (the best and brightest) to maintain the socialist welfare state, while on the other denouncing Western imperialism as evil. Exhorting people to migrate from the developing world to the West, they are in fact stripping the wealth of knowledge and expertise badly needed to develop their perspective countries. It’s imbecilic, extremely selfish and devastating to the economies and well being of the developing world. I say let them go back, fight for your country’s freedom if it’s overtaken by totalitarians, and rebuild it with your own blood, sweat, and tears. You’ll be better for it.


Denmark Refuses to Rule Out Deporting Somalis by Force


The Danish government has refused to rule out forced deportations of Somalians without the right to stay in the country, although Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has said he would rather they left voluntarily.


The Danish leader commented on the situation following a recent meeting with Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed in Egypt saying he thought it would be beneficial if the Somalians returned to their country to help rebuild it, BT reports.


So far, the Somalian government has rejected the idea of their citizens returning home from Denmark but the Danish leader dismissed the refusals saying, “As I think now, it is not so much dependent on Somalia. But it is more dependent on the speed of our own Danish bureaucracy.”


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