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Finnish state broadcaster YLE demanding all Islam-critical discussion in Seinäjoen Arabikevät asylum documentary to be scrubbed before they air it on national TV…….


Full-fledged dhimmitude…


According to the Reinikka, YLE has asked him to remove ‘Islam-critical’ discussion from the documentary. On Friday’s planned debut, he plans to show his own version of the film.


“I had the impression that everyone was fleeing from trouble,” the asylum document director says – Position changed during filming


Matti Reinikka is now looking for a new place for his film press release when the film foundation canceled the event planned for Friday.

PREVIOUSLY directed two long documentaries, Matti Reinikka is currently finalizing a documentary called Seinäjoki Arabickevät, which has caused a great stir just before the documentary was to be premiered. The first performance was supposed to be on Friday at the Finnish Film Foundation, but the film foundation canceled the opportunity.

Now Reinikka is looking for a new place for his documentary press release. HS told about the cancellation of the event and of the film foundation’s arguments, the story can be read from this link . REINIKKAhas been preparing his film for many years.

Originally, his asylum seeker film had to be about Estonia. Reinikka had heard that asylum seekers had been treated badly there and wanted to investigate it. In 2015, he had received preliminary support for his documentary on the treatment of asylum seekers.


However, the viewpoint of the documentary shifted to Finland when the news began to be full of reports about the crowds migrating to Tornio. Reinikka went with his photographer to Tornio in September of 2015.


“When I went to Tornio, I had the impression that they all were fleeing trouble and now they need to be helped,” Reinikka says. There were also demonstrations opposing the arrival of asylum seekers in Tornio, which shocked Reinikka.


“At the same time, the question arose whether this is under the control of anyone. The young man came across the border and there was no police officer, SPR or anyone at the top. ”


“ The situation was really strange. People just came, and then they disappeared. ”


The document trailer is available here.



In 2015, according to the Ministry of the Interior, FINLAND received 32,476 asylum seekers, which is a multiple of the number of previous years. The largest refugee crisis in the world was launched since the Second World War, and none of the societies that received asylum seekers survived the internationalization without problems. So, by chance, Reinikka had hit the historical turning point with his documentary project at the right time. He ended up focusing his film on Seinäjoki, where he found the protagonists suitable for his document. The views of these three men are outlined in the film. One of the people in the film is the 25-year-old Shihab from Iraq , who only wants to appear with his first name.


One of the people is Hannu Muhonen , the former director of the reception center that has now been shut down in Seinäjoki, and the third is Antti-Jussi Hirsimäki , who has vocally challenged Seinäjoki decision-makers at the city press conference. Hirsimäki works in Sisu, Finland, which is known as an immigration critical organization.


Shihab has been in trouble in Iraq with Isis and the authorities. The rhetoric realized that not all asylum seekers are the same group and are not necessarily in need of assistance.


“In the spring of 2016, asylum seekers began to tell themselves that the troops they have fled have come here too. There have been militants and government soldiers, ”says Reinikka.


When making the documentary, Reinikka noticed that part of the asylum seekers were afraid of the reception centers.


“They talked about it scared, whispering.”


The asylum seekers also told Reinikka that a large part of them had come to adventure and for reasons other than asylum.


“There were a lot of these talks.”


He did not contact the police because he did not feel that he had received information that anything could be acted on. According to Reinika, asylum seekers are actively reporting to the police when they suspect someone is planning crimes.


REINIKA’S own thoughts on the asylum crisis changed during the documentary process.


“The big problem is that you can’t know the background of people when they come here and spend a lot of years here.” Now Reinikka now believes that border would need pre-control.


“I had no prior opinion on the matter. There is now an understanding that clearer control is needed. The process of asylum should go through in advance. ” 




NOTE: The article goes on to talk about Tommy Robinson which can be seen in an earlier article.

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