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Finland: Helsingin Sanomat calls Tommy Robinson “far-right, “incites violence, hatred towards ethnic group” in hit piece on tomorrow’s documentary event he’s attending…….


The Hell-slinging Sanomat in today’s edition of the paper takes a swing at the organizers of tomorrow’s screening of the documentary, Seinäjöen arabikevät…


UPDATE: Now canceled for that venue, so they now have to scramble find some other building, if they can. I’m still going to be there. You can bet you last ‘eki’ that they saved this decision for the last possible moment to disrupt the event.


Elokuvasäätiö peruu tilaisuuden

The film Foundation cancells event



The sharia-supremacist compliant media is now turning its eye towards tomorrow’s event that Tommy Robinson will be attending, slamming the event as ”hateful”, ”devious” and let’s be honest here, they’re trying to spin it as incitement against Muslims which it’s not.


ROBINSON, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley, has repeatedly involved himself in incitement of an ethnic group, and incitement to violence, supported and funded hate groups, among other things.


A press conference on the new Finnish documentary film will be held on Friday in the Finnish Film Foundation.


The Arab Spring of Seinäjoki is a film directed by Matti Reinikka, which is to be premiered at the YLE documentary project here this spring.


“The Arab Spring of Seinäjoki tells of the autumn 2015 asylum-seeker crisis through three different perspectives. The stories of the Iraqi asylum seeker, the director of the reception centre and the local immigration critical activist will meet during the three-year follow-up, “the bulletin explains.


Attention has attracted the arrival of an international guest. According to the e-mail from the film industry on Wednesday, he is Tommy Robinson.


In the bulletin, Robinson is presented as a “British citizen journalist” and a “political activist”.


Tommy Robinson is the founder and former head of the English Defense League, an extreme right-wing British organization. In 2013, Robinson left the organization because, according to his own words, he could no longer keep the extremists out of the EDL.

This week, the Guardian reported that Robinson had a lifetime ban on Facebook and Instagram from recurring hate speech. He was previously banned from Twitter.


ROBINSON, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley, has repeatedly involved himself in incitement of an ethnic group, and incitement to violence, supported and funded hate groups, among other things.


In May 2018, Robinson was sentenced to 13 months in prison for contempt of court, but was released in November. In December, the Guardian published a comprehensive report that Robinson continues to receive funding from various non-British groups and individual people.


On Thursday evening, the Finnish Film Foundation published a note that it is not the organizer of the press conference of the Seinäjoki Arab Spring documentary film. A briefing will take place on the premises owned by the Film Foundation, which are available for different events for rent by third parties:


“The Finnish Film Foundation is not involved in any program or arrangement of the event in any way whatsoever. The film Foundation also takes the opportunity to distance itself from the statements publicly presented by the one invited, British immigration critic Tommy Robinson. ”


“We do not tolerate racism or hate speech in any of its forms,” says Lasse Saarinen, director of Film Foundation.


Saarinen also notes that the organiser of the press conference, i.e. the film cooperative Siberia, is responsible for the fact that its programme content respects Finnish law and that the individual speeches do not contain the distinguishing characteristics of incitment of an enthic group.


SAARINEN tells him that no one has yet seen the final version of the film, which will be screened at Friday’s event.


“Donors have seen a version of it at the end of last year and they did not approve of it,” Saarinen says.


Saarinen pointed out that the documentary directors’ application for funding was factual and had no reason to doubt the deception.


According to him, the fact that Tommy Robinson has been invited to the scene, “evokes the idea that there is more to it than presenting a film.”


The antiImmigrant Hommaforum say that there are “some free tickets” available through the site. According to Saarinen, the film Foundation is currently investigating whether the opportunity can be withdrawn on this basis. The press conferences are not public.


The film Foundation has granted production support of 86 000 euro for the Arab Spring documentary film in Seinäjoki. The 70-minute film budget is 194 000 euros and is produced by the film Cooperative Siperia.


The film is described in the following pages: “The Trekking of Arab asylum seekers to Finland also transforms many people’s lives in Seinäjoki.”


The Arab Spring of Seinäjoki has also received EUR 12 000 support from the Church Media Foundation.


YLE acquired the presentation rights of the Arab Spring in Seinäjoki. The amount was covered by approximately 20% of the document budget. In August 2018, the film was presented on YLE’s website as follows: “This is certainly one of the most debated documentary films of the Year”.


The film was to be presented in a noble 22. October 2018 It is now reported that the finished film has not been submitted to them and that it has not been possible to do so.



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