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Tyranny: Tommy Robinson’s FB page deleted after BBC #Panodrama video release, gained over 1 million views before BEING PULLED……..


This is where we are now, social media is ruled by the totalitarian mindset and they’ll stop at nothing in trying to silence people with differing opinions and views…


Tommy Robinson’s BBC #Panodrama video was on for less than 24 hrs before having his entire FB page pulled by the totalitarians that run that platform. Poof, it’s gone, just vanished without a word.


Brian of London: Tommy Robinson’s #Panodrama released and the downloads are insane

Allow me a little hyperbole in the headline, but for a one hour documentary made very quickly by a skeleton crew spending very little money, it’s a very impressive piece of work. As I’m writing this on Tuesday morning, 12 hours after release, Facebook reports just shy of 1M views and YouTube 135k.



In the end, that’s exactly what they want to do with us, just disappear.


UPDATE: Brian has a few words on the banning, and on what to do about it:




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