Finland: Exceptional number of foreign (Muslim men) detainees, man who is suspected of raping a 14 Y/O first in the dock……..


Never ending story, week in and week out…


Exceptional number of foreign detainees -this is how the Oulu sex crime wave begins to be handled

The court is forced to consider publicity issues in an exceptionally accurate manner in Oulu Sex Crime Wave, which has jammed the District Court and jails in the area.

The District Court of Oulu is currently deciding on forty people currently imprisoned. The number is the decade’s largest and even twice the normal by comparison. An exceptional number of men from abroad currently sit in custody when they are suspected of sexual offences.


– There is a great deal to be had of these suspects, i.e. prisoners, to be decided upon by a district judge in criminal matters, Janika Kaski, head of department.


– We usually talk about a few people who are imprisoned for sexual offences at the same time. There are now a dozen or so. Some of these are now going before the circuit court, says Heikki Juntunen, head of the coercive department, and he is the district judge.


Widest net: 8 men and one girl

In Oulu, there have now been exceptionally many sexual assaults over the last two years. In the case that’s caused a stir, there have been suspects of foreign backgrounds and the victims Finnish girls.


MTV reported last week that the Oulu Police Department had 29 outrageous sexual crimes during the winter. There are 30 suspected perpetrators and 20 victims who are minors.


Eight suspects have been imprisoned in the widest cases. At the beginning of December, the police announced that seven men from foreign backgrounds have been imprisoned for the long-term exploitation of one girl. Later, one further was  imprisoned.


Eight suspects have disputed the acts on which they are suspected. The suspicion concerns the exploitation of the minor girl between 2017-2018.

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