Media activism Media malfeasance Media Skullduggery Tommy Robinson

The desperate #FakeNews “Sun” tries stitching up Tommy Robinson with out-of-context videos from private chat-room group……..


Advice for The Sun: Try some real investigative journalism you morons, all that’s missing here is your red nose and oversized clown shoes..!


Anyone who knows anything about these private chat-groups knows fully well, everybody involved, are friends of different backgrounds and races, bantering back and forth with tongue-in-cheek nonsense.


Here is Tommy explaining what The Sun, and Hate-Not-Hope are spinning as a ”gotcha moment“. It shows their desperation. For the record, this shows that The Sun is cognizant of the #Pandodrama scandal and is participating in the circling of the wagons in quashing the story. They take a pro-active offensive move in trying to tarnish Tommy, with a bogus series of out of context vids to promote a narrative that he’s a racist drug user. What a bunch of crap.


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