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German Foreign Ministry Celebrate in Berlin the Founding of the Islamonazi regime of Tehran…….


The very same officials will also claim that they’re not antisemitic in the least….


While they’re at it, why don’t they celebrate the founding of the Third Reich as well?



German daily ‘Bild’ wrote the country’s foreign ministry said it sent officials to the Iranian embassy to keep “dialogue channels” open.

 FEBRUARY 13, 2019 14:14
The German foreign affairs ministry sent representatives to Iran’s embassy in Berlin to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran—a regime in Tehran that frequently urges the destruction of the Jewish state and spreads Holocaust denial.

The German mass circulation daily Bild reported on Tuesday that foreign ministry state secretary Niels Annen, from the social democratic party, and an official from the Iran desk at the ministry attended the pro-mullah regime event.


Bild wrote the foreign ministry said it sent officials to the Iranian embassy to keep “dialogue channels” open. Germany has long been Iran’s most important trade partner within the EU.


The foreign policy spokesman of the Free Democratic Party in the Bundestag, Bijan Djir-Sarai told the Bild


“The fact that a representative of the Federal Government participates in celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution of the Iranian embassy is embarrassing.” He added “A certain distance would have been helpful here. It is a mystery to me which message the Federal Government wanted to set with this performance. ”


The Jerusalem Post sent a media query to German foreign minister Heiko Maas regarding his ministry’s presence at the pro-Iran regime celebration. Maas, a member of the social democratic party, claims he went into politics “because of Auschwitz.”


German Jews accuse Maas of failing to internalize the lesson of the Holocaust with his robust support of Iran’s regime.

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