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FPM: AS Dem Turn to Jew-Hatred, Trump Host IDF Vet, Holocaust Survivor Who Survived Tree Of Life Massacre……..


A dividing line that never used to be there…



Daniel Greenfield

As the Democrats descend deeper into the fevered swamps of anti-Semitism, led by extremists like Linda Sarsour, Rep. Omar, Rep. Tlaib and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who recently boasted of her chat with anti-Semitic British leftist leader Jeremy Corbyn, President Trump has invited two guests who serve as a powerful rebuke to what the Democrats are becoming.

Judah Samet
Judah Samet is a member of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. In October 2018, he survived the horrific shooting that killed 11 members of his community. Judah is also a survivor of the Holocaust. Judah immigrated to Israel after the war and was present for the declaration of the Israeli State in 1948. He served as a paratrooper and radio man in the Israeli Defense Forces and moved to the United States in the 1960s.


Judah Samet had been in a concentration camp at the age of 7. He lost his brother in the 1956 Sinai war in Israel. He worked as a teacher in Israel, but then met his future American wife and moved to the United States where he learned to run a business.


He survived the Tree of Life massacre by a Trump-hating Neo-Nazi by being a few minutes late.


There’s also a significant message being sent against both anti-Semitism and the Black Lives Matter hate campaign against police officers. When Trump visited Tree of Life, I documented the hateful anti-Semitic leftist mob engaging in anti-police chants.

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