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Finnish Islamization creep: Islamic congregations in Helsinki increases 12-fold in past two decades, more than 100 000 Muslims now in Finland…….


This worrisome news goes hand-in-hand with an earlier article I posted today...


In 2008, Finland had around 30 000 Muslims. Mikael Lith (A parliamentary assistant at the European Parliament) observes on Twitter:

“Finnish Islamisation is progressing rapidly. There are already nearly 100 000 Muslims living in Finland.”

It’s a population transfer in progress, soon Helsinki will resemble Brussels, which was once a majority Flemish-speaking city, now overrun by Muslims and other immigrants. Helsinki (Finland in general) are losing Christian numbers, while Islam/Muslim numbers are steadily increasing. Just what in the hell do you think will happen when demographic numbers shift in the upcoming decade or so? I’ll tell you, Sweden!


The number of members of Islamic congregations in Helsinki has increased more than 12-fold in the past two decades – non-believers has also nearly doubled


In Helsinki, the number of people belonging to Islamic congregations has grown in an explosive manner in almost twenty years. In terms of quantity, the highest growth rate has occurred in the number of non-believers.


When in 2000 only 500 people were in the Islamic congregation in Helsinki, last year it was over 6,000.


The number of non-believers in the city has increased the most in terms of number of religious communities. According to the Helsinki Statistical Yearbook , there were just under 134,000 in 2000, but last year it was over 271,000.


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Helsinki has formed an overwhelming majority over the entire period of statistics.


In 2000, some 400,000 people belonged to the Church in Helsinki, which has fallen by nearly 60,000 people in just over a decade. At the same time, the population of Helsinki has grown by almost 100,000 people.


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