Finland: Helsingin Sanomat poll shows overwhelming majority of Finns view sexual offenses closely related to different culture and religion of immigrant…….


The people have had it with being victimized by the very people they opened their doors to…


Immigration and sexual offenses


Finland’s largest circulation daily, Helsingin Sanomat, on Monday published a Gallup poll showing that a majority of Finns take the view that sexual offenses are closely linked to immigration.


When presented with the statement “the most important reasons for sex crimes include the different culture and religion of immigrants”, 65 percent of respondents said they agreed completely or in part.


Several men with immigrant backgrounds in Oulu are under investigation on charges of sex crimes involving minors. A similar case came to light in Helsinki in January. As Helsingin Sanomat points out, the press has reported that a disproportionately large number of offenders have immigrant backgrounds.


The paper says that it commissioned the poll because measures to prevent sex crimes and the link to immigration has become a major issue on the national political agenda.


The debate about sex crimes, particularly concerning the recent cases in Oulu, has been divisive.


There are those who see immigration as a cause. There are others, in turn, who downplay nationality and stress that native Finns also commit sexual offenses.


This division is evident in the Helsingin Sanomat poll. Among supporters of the Finns Party, a majority take the view that cultural factors are absolutely one of the most significant reasons for sexual offenses. Far fewer people taking that position were found among voters who back the Greens (13%) and the Left Alliance (14%).


The poll also asked about measures to combat sex crimes. The most favoured (26%) was tougher sentences. In second (19%) was more focus on teaching immigrants about laws and values. Ten percent said they would prefer to see a reduction in immigration on humanitarian grounds and a further ten percent backed a reduction in immigration in general. These last two were favoured by 60 percent of supporters of the Finns Party.





“The most important reasons for sex crimes include the different culture and religion of immigrants”


Completely agree, Somewhat agree, Can’t say, Somewhat disagree, Completely disagree


THE MAJORITY OF Finns believe that sex offenses are explained by the different culture and religion of immigrants. 

According to Gallup, commissioned by HS, a total of 65 percent responded completely or somewhat to the statement that “the main causes of sexual offenses are due to the different culture and religion of immigrants”. HS COMMISSIONED A survey of the views of citizens on sexual offenses, because, especially after the suspicions of Oulu, the fight against sexual offenses and their link to immigration rose strongly on the political agenda. In Oulu, several men of foreign background are suspected of having sex offenses against young girls. Helsinki also came out in January with a similar case.
In connection with these crimes, it has also been reported that men with foreign backgrounds are over-represented in sex offenses against children.
Following the Oulu cases, in January the government and the opposition quickly reached a consensus on tightening up legislation during the remaining parliamentary term to prevent sexual offenses. The government also decided to launch a study on whether international agreements could better manage immigration policy.
THE DEBATE ON sexual offenses has been divided into two. Some have attributed them to immigration and in the words Finns party chairman, Jussi Halla-aho , from young men arriving from “backward Islamic countries”.  HS

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