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Finland’s clueless Immigration Office (Migri): “Over 6000 asylum seekers missing since 2015, half might still be here”…….


A serious breach of state security…


And they can only guess that half of that overall number still remains the country. In other words, they don’t know who is coming and going within their own country. Totally irresponsible.


Over 2 200 asylum seekers disappeared from the authorities in Finland last year-lost over 6 000 in the last three years

31.01.2018 at 18:33

Migri estimates that just under half of the lost asylum seekers have left Finland.


According to the provisional data of the Immigration office, in 2017, a total of 2 216 asylum seekers disappeared from Finnish authorities. The number of missing quantities is taken from the accommodation register, which means that they are lost when the reception centre chooses to have the person ‘ lost ‘.


Migri’s Situation Center team manager, Ulla Harmonen, tells us that usually the last confirmation of the loss is obtained when the asylum seeker does not return to the reception centre on the day on which the receiving allowance is made.


The number of missing persons fell slightly from 2016, when the loss was statistical to 2 887 asylum seekers. In 2015 asylum seekers disappeared on 1 136. The last three years have seen 6 000 people missing. The findings ares practically a rough estimate, as some of the lost may have been found.


-Most of the lost are supposedly those who received negative applications and inadmissible, few are lost in the middle of the process, when only waiting for Migri’s decision, Harmonen says.


4 000 Negative decisions

In 2017, the Migri gave exactly 3 996 negative asylum decisions. The figure is therefore not significantly higher than the amount reported as missing, which was 2 216. The difference between the two numbers increased significantly in 2016, when the negative decisions were adopted on 14 282.


However, there is little to be inferred from the differences between the figures, since, according to Harmose, the majority of those reported as missing last year have had a negative decision in 2016.


-they can not be directly compared, when you go all the time with a little lag due to the duration of the process, Harmonen says.


Where do the lost asylum seekers go?


There is no answer to this question, since it has not been possible to investigate or compile the matter properly. In the light of the inquiry and the requests under the Dublin process, it has been possible to find out that a fair 40% of lost asylum seekers have at least been found in other parts of Europe. Some of the missing ones have presumably left or returned to Finland – but how much, Harmonen can’t say.


-they have to go to their own ways and come back to the reception centre later. It’s hard to tell how many people are missing, “says Harmonen.



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