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US: Nathan Phillips Lied. The (lying) Media (in Finland as well) Bought It……..


There’s a rule I try to live by when following any story that’s breaking, it’s more important to get it right, then to get it first…


I have repeatedly contacted the Finnish media via Twitter, and to this date, they refuse to take down -let alone correct- an already widely debunked story on a hapless bunch of kids waiting for a bus, accosted by a rag-tag bunch of Black nationalist faux-Jews and Indian radicals. The kids were clearly caught off guard and perplexed as to what was befalling before their eyes.


This would be the kind of story Andrew Breitbart would be all over in a New York Minute.


Any reasonable mind pouring over the evidence gathered thus far on the incident, would have to conclude that the initial facts do not match up with the other empirical evidence gathered since then. The Finnish media just parrots what they see on CNN, and then move along, nothing to see or correct. It’s pathetic.


Nathan Phillips Lied. The Media Bought It.

There was far more than met the eye to the Covington Catholic story, but that didn’t stop the popular press from vilifying its students.


If you’re in a public place and someone starts heckling you, are you entitled to heckle back? How about if someone does something much worse than heckling you in a public place? What if that person in fact takes a drum up to you and starts banging it in your face? Are you entitled to heckle back? How about smirking? Are you allowed to smirk?

I think you are, even if you’re wearing a MAGA hat. Even if you’re an entitled brat. Even if you’re an entitled Catholic brat.


We’ll stipulate that the Catholic boys from a high school in Kentucky were a little obnoxious when an indigenous man named Nathan Phillips banged a drum at them in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Friday. But Phillips was being a lot more obnoxious. To put it another way, if you were minding your own business in a public place and someone came right up to you and put a drum up to your face and made a huge racket inches from your nose, would you be happy about it?


The kids from Covington Catholic High School in Covington, Ky., were ambassadors for causes much bigger than themselves: Catholicism and the right to life. As such, they should have comported themselves better than to jeer and do a tomahawk chop in front of Phillips. Ideally, the kids would have ignored him and walked away. Until about ten minutes ago, it was broadly agreed in our culture that kids are allowed to do some dumb things because they’re kids. Should these kids’ lives be ruined because some of them responded to obnoxious provocation by being a bit rude themselves? I’d say their reaction was if anything more restrained than you would expect from teenagers. I’d advise them to do better next time. I certainly wouldn’t consider expulsion.

Phillips, on the other hand, is an adult, and he repeatedly lied about what happened to the Washington Post, which was utterly taken in by him and reported everything he said uncritically.

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