Helsingin Sanomat media bias Media malfeasance Media Skullduggery

Finnish flagship paper Helsingin Sanomat spreads #fakenews on schoolkids in MAGA hats, swallows whole debunked Wash-Poo narrative…….


The lazy pretend media do not care if they get it wrong…


The text reads: “Comment: Schoolboys tease an aboriginal activist and veteran – the video shocks in the United States because it shows the spreading of hatred.”


These schoolboys were set up, framed.




These kids did absolutely nothing wrong. They were set upon by a team of seasoned radical Leftist agitators begging for a photo op, and Washingtonpost gave it to them in full. A fake story by the pretend media. This is exact same M.O. by the international media vis-a-vis the Jewish state of Israel.

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