Finland: Kurdish ex-Muslim and anti-Islam critic says Finns shouldn’t be naive, many Muslims deem women lower than a donkey…….


Been saying this for what seems forever…


Not all cultures are equal. Also noteworthy, if an ethnic Finn had said this, no matter how factual it was, would have been brought up on hate-speech charges.


Straight talk from Iraqi Women About Cultural Differences – “You mustn’t be naive”


Two Iraqi women open up about large cultural differences between Finland and Iraq for the Ilta-Sanomat.


In December, the Ilta-Sanomat reported that foreign Iraqis are over-represented in sexual abuse statistics in Finland. The Ilta Sanomat asked two Iraqi women to open up the cultural differences between Finland and Iraq.


The civic activist, a Master of Science student Seida Sorabi, sees the migration crisis of 2015 and the Finnish immigration policy as a contribution to the sexual offences committed by foreigners in Finland.


Soharabi feels that Nordic equality and freedom have made the Finns naïve.


– Europe has made progress in human rights and equality so far as to be blinded by what is happening in the rest of the world. We are naïve in believing that a large number of young men can be brought from a foreign culture and have Western values immediately implanted in them. A good thing must be pursued, but you can’t be naive.


KURDISH-BASED Sohrabi arrived with her family as a refugee from Iraq at the age of 5. Sohrabi, who studied Islam, is now an Islamic critic.


She recalls that there are many Iraqi men who do not treat women badly. She emphasizes that sexual offenses are widely condemned in various immigrant communities in Finland and among asylum seekers.


Sohrabi adds that the shocking acts of foreigners who have committed sexual offenses cannot be explained away. However, she considers that the Iraqi sex offenses committed in Finland are based on the patriarchal culture of Iraq and many other countries in the Middle East, where women live under the authority of fathers, brothers and husbands. And where they should be protected for their own honor.


– In some communities, a woman is like a person who comes after an ass without any value. If they can’t protect a woman and she goes around the city without a scarf, then there is the idea that women are free game and can do with them whatever they want. According to SOHRAB , the interaction between men and women in Iraq is low, or almost non-existent. Sexuality and sex-related issues are completely suppressed.


– You might not even have a conversation with a woman in your own country, and you come to a society where women are free, and you have a perverse idea that a woman is like an animal. Those who commit such crimes are forced to think. No one rational person gropes another, especially a child.


Sohrabi sees that men from the Middle East who commit sexual offenses may consider the Finns to be easier victims than girls in their own culture, because there is no such fear and shame as in a similar (Muslim) girl.


– If a man does something in his own culture, he is in great trouble because families and fathers are so angry that they can be solved by their own hands.


SOHRABI hopes that punishments for sexual offenses will be intensified in Finland.


– One of the reasons for these cases is that in Finland the scale of punishment for sexual offenses is so low. Finnish punishments are a joke for Iraqi people about what they could get punished in their own country.


He also feels that more rapid decisions should be made in the asylum process in order to integrate asylum seekers into society as soon as possible.


– It would also be good to hire long-term homeless women and men who work with asylum seekers to make it clear to them how they are here and how they work in Finland.




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