IS Editorial: Immigration debate made politicians even more complicated – hopefully, Finland’s naiveness finally comes to a halt…….


What’s even more frustrating is not just naiveness, but the stubborn rejectionism of sound, well thought out policies that would have saved these girls from being victims of these Muslim rape squads…


Editorial: Immigration debate made politicians even more complicated – hopefully, Finland’s naiveness finally comes to a halt



The debate on the sex crimes committed by immigrants continues until the elections, even if the laws are to be tightened. I hope that Finland has finally been given a lesson on the dangers of naiveness, says an editorial in the IltaSanomat.


In 1984, President Mauno Koivisto compared journalists to a conspiracy that follows the blind leader of an opinion. Koivisto’s wisdom for journalists still applies. But the new phenomenon is that the match comparison seems to be valid for politicians, at least during the election.


It emerged from the full-fledged debate on immigrant sexual offenses against children. The harsh data on sexual offenses and their magnitude which finally came to light in Oulu last week gave impetus to the parties in the electoral p The harsh data on sex offenses and their magnitude, boosting the election-fever for the parties. The fear of an electoral victory for the Finns Party rose so quickly that even representatives of the political parties in the political palace began to demand at least an increase in penalties. That is what the proximity of the election is about. It is now interesting to study the old positions of politicians from the autumn of 2015, when over 30,000 immigrants arrived in Finland at once.


PARTIES were competing on Tuesday for publicity around the matter. Parliamentary groups held a rare joint meeting where they decided to speed up at least three legislative projects in the forthcoming parliamentary term: The law on sexual offenses will be tightened, the Personal Data Act will be amended and the Citizenship Act will be reversed in the direction that a dual citizen could lose Finnish citizenship not only by ground or terrorism, but including sexual and violent crimes. However, the debate on sexual offenses and immigration will never disappear before the elections. In addition, the number of ‘paperless’ people who have received a negative asylum decision but remain in the country is constantly increasing, bringing new, unpredictable problems ahead.


Finnish naiveness on immigration can’t be denied. It has even gone over the Nordic scale. Seida Sohrabi, a civil activist, a Kurd who was a five-year-old when she left Iraq, warned against naiveness in an Ilta-Sanomat interview (IS 15. 1.):


– Europe has made progress on human rights and equality so far that it has been blinded by the situation in the rest of the world. We are naive (blue-eyed) when we think that a large number of young men can be brought from a foreign culture and be planted with Western values. You have to strive for good, but there must be no naiveness, Sohrabi says.


The toughest changes are now being heard by the Blues (Kok). Many of them contradict Finland’s international treaties and the Constitution. Minister of Justice Antti Häkkänen (Kok) warned, quite rightly, that it would not make sense to change the constitutions under the heat of ‘passion’. At the same time, one could even hope that Finland would have finally received a lesson about the dangers of being naive.



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