Newly minted congresswoman Rashida Tlaib offers full throated support to Hamas linked CAIR…….


Elections matter, exposing CAIR for the Islamonazi organization that it is, needs to be done 24/7…


Utterly amazing that only 18 years after 9/11, yet another card-carrying member of CAIR sits in the nation’s capital as a member of Congress. Forget everything that you’ve heard/or know about Neo-Nazis/white supremacists/KKK’ers, for they’ve been (correctly) marginalized to the very fringes of US society. The real dangers posed to our society are the Islamonazis, who have been allowed to infiltrate every sector of society (in spite of the available knowledge of what they’re up to), from school boards to the very levels of state and national government including the military.


They (the Islamonazis) have succeeded in twisting the very language of the culture in order to hoodwink, bribe, and to intimidate the people. From national government officials, all the way down to shop clerks, their (the Islamonazis) views have gained a measure of credibility in large portions of the country, aided and abetted by the Leftist media and chickenhearted pseudo-conservative politicians and pundits. That’s the real danger here, totalitarians under the guise of equal rights, equality, and justice, having real political power instead of being radically marginalized and rendered to the periphery of society with the rest of their like-ilk.


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