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UN (Marxist) Sec-Gen Guterres: The West needs MORE immigration to keep welfare state floating…….


This is purely a lie, but that’s the line these jackals use because it’s worked in the past…


The truth is that to date, most Muslim immigrants/migrants/illegal aliens are a huge net drag on Western economies (many living off of some form of government subsidies). They also fail to integrate/then assimilate into host societies. The so-called ‘middle class’ is shrinking at the same time big business is thirsty for lowered wages due to the increase in the workforce.


Here in Finland, the unemployment problem is systemic.

These numbers are horrific, but they barely raise an eyebrow here.


If similar unemployment numbers were seen in the US, (like during the Obama years) it would invariably lead a call for regime change. What’s as troubling, is the insistence that only increased immigration is the answer to the decrease in population numbers. There is never any serious call for investigating into the reasons why middle-income earners are no longer feeling able/nor wanting to have children. Instead, the shrinking of the so-called ‘middle-class’ is treated as something unchangeable and only increased immigration the answer.


The irony here is, that the purveyors of such policies insist that we’re only receiving the ‘best and brightest’ from these countries, ok, I’ll play along. How is robbing the 3rd world of their ‘best and brightest‘ helpful to these poorer countries, and isn’t it the same mentality that many on the Left say they abhor? Plundering the wealth of the 3rd world (in this case supposedly the best and brightest) for the development of the West  (exploitation of that wealth) used to be called colonialism, now it’s called ‘multiculturalism’.


U.N. Secretary General seeks to promote global migration pact amid objections

“In the many places where fertility is declining and life expectancy is rising, economies will stagnate and people will suffer without migration,” Guterres said in his opening address.
“It is clear that most developed countries need migrants across a broad spectrum of vital roles, from caring for elderly people to preventing the collapse of health services,” he said.


More here.

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