Tommy Robinson

UK: Tommy Robinson hints at MP run to represent his constituency…….


I say, go for it..!


Tommy Robinson hints he could run as Ukip MP in speech at Brexit ‘betrayal’ march


‘One day I’ll be sitting in there among MPs,’ Robinson tells protesters after urging them to join Ukip


Tommy Robinson has hinted that he will attempt to enter mainstream politics as a Ukip parliamentary candidate following a wave of high profile resignations over his deepening relationship with the party.


Speaking at a Brexit “betrayal” rally in London on Sunday, the English Defence League (EDL) founder admitted he had never voted but said his supporters “need a political voice”.

“Let this be the start of a political mass movement in this country,” he added.


“When I went to the House of Lords with Lord Pearson [for lunch after a court hearing] and I saw the reaction, I saw MPs under parliamentary privilege saying disgraceful lies about me, I sat for the first time and thought one day I’ll be sitting in there amongst you.”


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