(Updated: Caught in Germany)Finnish police release picture of eighth suspect wanted in grotesque ”sex-grooming gang” in Oulu Finland…….


UPDATE: Caught in Germany soon after publishing the perp’s photos, why it took four days to do it is beyond me.


According to Sebastian Tynkkynen:



The guy had studied Finnish in the same school building, where there is a nursery, elementary education, high school and youth area. This must simply end.

A Muslim Arab…

The piece of human fecal material is wanted for:

  • Aggravated rape
  • Aggravated child sexual abuse
  • Assault

Image of Oulu’s sexual assault suspect released by police looking for this man

The police have released a picture of the person they’re looking for and asking for clues.
The Oulu Police Department investigates a sexual offense where suspected acts targeted a girl under the age of 15 this year.

The police suspect eight perpetrators of the crime, of which the District Court of Oulu has ordered seven into custody.


The police are still looking for the eighth suspect, and have now published a picture and identifying features.


  • 25-year-old
  • height 165-170 cm
  • normal body
  • Brown eyes
  • dark / black hair
  • possibly a beard
  • possibly eyeglasses

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