Finland Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finnish Interior Minister won’t rule out terrorist links to two bus attacks on Finnish roads…….


Even if they had no connection with known Islamonazi terror groups and made the attacks from supposed ”frustration” with the Finnish immigration system (for being denied asylum), it’s still an act of terrorism, though not from Islamic reasons. 


It would be interesting to hear if any Islamic war cries were heard while trying to steer the bus(s?) into oncoming traffic. Remember folks, this Interior Minister is fully on board with opening the gates wide for more of the same type of people to come into the country.


Interior Minister MTV News: Terrorism is not excluded in bus attacks – “May be an attack against Finnish society”


Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen says that so far it is not known whether the Uurainen and Loimaa bus attackers were in contact with each other.


– But there were nine hours between the attacks, when it is possible that the information was moving along a channel even though it was not in the public, commented Mykkänen for MTV News.


According to Mykkän, the possibility of terrorism cannot be excluded from cases.


– It can not be excluded that this was like an attack on Finnish society.


According to Mykkänen, this may also be a question of frustration and unleashing it in a manner that is outrageous, wretched and dangerous towards civilians.


Mykkänen states that action must be taken to prevent this kind of activity from becoming more common.


MTV Uutiset

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