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(Updated: failed asylum seekers!)Finland: Two attempts by ‘foreign men’ to cause bus accidents on Finnish roads, one tried to steer onto oncoming traffic…….



Central Police detectives are staying mum about the backgrounds of the two perps…


Foreign passengers suspected of attacking a bus driver in Uurainen and in Loimaa – “He tried to steer the car onto the oncoming lane”


Keskusrikospoliisin nimi talon seinäkraniitissa.


According to the Managing directors of the (two) bus companies, these were serious incidents. The passengers were suspected in both cases.


The National Bureau of Investigation (KRP) is examining a situation in which a coach passenger is suspected of attacking a driver in Uurainen in central Finland last night.


According to the KRP, the man who caused the incident had suddenly risen from his seat and had taken hold of the driver. Investigative director Sanna Springare reports that the man was apparently trying to get the bus off the road.


It was the normal route of the Koiviston Auto bus, from Helsinki to Oulu. CEO Mikko Markkula says that the passenger had taken the driver by the wrist, causing the driver to brake.


Passengers sitting on the front bench lines had noticed the situation immediately and succeeded in catching the suspect. The car had about 15 passengers.


The driver had not noticed any abnormal behavior

The foreigner, about 30 years old, was pressed into the floor and was held in place until the police arrived. The driver did not notice any abnormal behavior from the passenger when boarding the bus.


– This was a serious incident, but with the driver’s rapid braking, but nothing happened, Markkula says.


“Such a case is rare in long bus travel and travel speed,” Markkula continues.


The incident occurred last night around one o’clock in the morning on NelosTie (Highway 4), close to the Hirvaskangas. As a result, the bus was idle for about 50 minutes. The driver was able to drive to the next bus stop, where another driver continued the journey. According to Markkula, the driver has taken it calmly.


The KRP says the investigation is looking at, among other things, suspicion attemptedted traffic-disaster and as a suspected minor assault. According to the police, investigations and interrogation are still in the early stages, and the man’s motives are now being clarified, among others.


A case in Loimaa yesterday

The police are investigating the possible connection with the event in Uurainen on Tuesday, with a similar incident at around 16 p.m in Loimaa. There is a suspicion that a passenger with a foreign background is suspected of involving himself with a bus driver in the center of Loimaan, on a street near the bus station.


The bus driver who was on the road from Loimaa to Turku was completely surprised.


“The guy who sat on the front bench jumped on the driver and turned the wheel. He attempted to steer the car to the oncoming lane, says Petri Valtanen, managing director of the Valtanen bus company.


The situation was rescued by the oncoming bus driver who reacted quickly.


“He was able to swerve a bit so that only the mirror scrapped the side of the other bus,” says Valtanen.


The bus driver who was headed for Turku stopped at the side of the road. The foreigner was brought to heel by the passengers.


Petri Valtanen has been operating in bus and coach Transport for nearly thirty years. Something like this has never happened to him before.

“Yes, this was the first time.


Are the cases related?

The man who had attacked the Loimaa driver was a foreigner, about 30 years old.


– At this stage, it is not possible to say that there is any connection or whether there is a question of incidental factors, says Sanna Springare, director of investigations.


The KRP says that it is investigating the point, among other things, on suspicion of endangering traffic.


Springare says that she cannot tell more about the men’s backgrounds, for example whether they were asylum seekers. According to Springart, this is confidential information. Men are currently in possession of the police.


According to Springart, there is currently no known possible association with terrorism, but they are being looked at as well.


According to her, there is no need to reassess the level of security and there is no reason for fear.



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  1. Finland is completely safe. Keep herding your reindeer and knitting great winter caps. Also if you are attacked by a moslem rapist or rape gang, simply use the “Kitten Power Mitten” gesture as recommended a few years ago. This forceful hand motion will make any moslem invader start acting like a completely cucked Finnish man. (This is demonstrated in a YouTube video.)

  2. If that had happened in Britain the passengers would not have touched them for fear of seeming racist!

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