Bad News From The Netherlands news roundup…….


Terror Suspect Arrested

Dutch Police have arrested a Syrian terrorist suspect in the town of Bergeijk.  He is suspected of been a member of the Jabat al-Nusra organization and also suspected of fighting in Syria as well as being suspected of money laundering.  A few months ago, his younger brother, also a member of the same terrorist organization has been arrested in the Netherlands.


Rotterdam: Dangerous Tensions between Extreme Left and Extreme Right

The municipal management in Rotterdam has expressed its concern about the radicalization of extreme left and extreme right. Both groups nowadays are involved in violence. In Rotterdam 4 alt-right groups are active. Their actions can lead to violent reactions of extreme left. Rotterdam mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb, writes that in the past years the main focus of activities was against radical Islam, now both repression and prevention will have to be applied towards extreme rightists and the polarization.



Police stop 16 000 investigations due to shortage of detectives

A police spokesman has confirmed that Dutch police in 2018, until November has stopped 16 000 crime investigations about which there have been complaints and registrations. This concerns exclusively crimes where the police believe they can solve them because there is sufficient evidence. The amount of cases halted has been at this level for a number of years already. The ACP Police Trade Union has also said that major crimes are not dealt with due to lack of staff.



Greek Soccer Supporters Throw Petrol Bomb in Stands of Dutch Fans

In a champions’ league soccer game the Athens home side, AEK, received AJAX Amsterdam. Before the kickoff the visiting fans came under attack as home supporters threw flares into their stands.  On social media one could see how an AEK fan threw an improvised petrol bomb to AJAX supporters.  Other reports said that the Greek police officers hit AJAX fans before the game.

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