Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Racism Racism or not

Finnish Minister of Finance believes questioning the motives of migrants is ‘waycism’…….


I question the mental state of the Finnish Minister of Finance…


Petteri Orpo: “Criticism of refugees’ motives is racism!”



Kansan Uutiset news, The Left Alliance’s bullhorn of truth, wrote 24.8.2015 as follows:

“The Finns party secretary, Riikka Slunga-Pousalo, said in Uusisuomi news that standard of living surfers should be urgently deported from Finland.
“Four out of five illegal aliens are healthy and fit men between the ages of 18 and 50. Finnish men of this age defended their homeland. Therefore, the entrants would not appear to be fulfilling refugee status.”

On Saturday, in the Helsingin Sanomat, Orpo interpreted the comments of Slunga-Pousalo as being racist.

“There are two criticisms. Immigration policy that can be regarded critically or, as it may be, critical of immigrants. For example, the criticism of refugees’ motives is racism.”


More here in Finnish

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