Child abuse Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

Finnish girl gang-raped by 7 Muslim men in Oulu believed to be only 10 years old…….


These stories are coming out left, right and center as fast as I can translate them…



Remember, Mohamed took a ‘wife’ of just 6 years old, then raped her when she was only nine, he is considered the supreme example for human behavior.


Child raped in Oulu, a little more than 10 years old girl – suspected incidents and perpetrators are many


According to MTV News, the victim of the serious rape and abuse case in Oulu was a Finnish girl who was just over 10 years old.


The girl is suspected of being victim of serious rape and serious child abuse for months.


A total of seven adult men from foreign backgrounds have been imprisoned for the case. Three of them are currently suspected of felony rape and aggravated child sexual abuse. The remainder is suspected of only aggravated child sexual abuse.


Several acts in private residence

There are several suspected incidents. Deeds have occurred in the suspect’s in apt. in the Oulu region over a period of several months.


Notification of a suspected crime did not come from the parents of the child. The police are not telling us exactly where the information came from.


The police, possibly more suspects

According to the contested Inspector Markus Kiiskinen, it is possible that further suspects will be added to the case.


“This is a truly exceptional story,” says Kiiskinen.


According to him, the case of unusual is a long-term increase in the number of factors.



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