Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape Syria

Finland: Syrian serial rapist called for lighter sentence due to ”cultural differences” – The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal…….


So this harpoons the myth that ”all cultures are equal”…


Serial rapist called for judgment to be lightened because of cultural background – The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal

Am ethnic Syrian man was convicted of two rapes and one attempted rape.


THE HELSINKI Court of Appeals has kept the young man’s judgment of two rape and one of the rape attempts unchanged.


Raed Al Mustafa committed three sexual offenses in 2017. The man in both rapes and together in a rape with a companion tracked their victims in the middle of the night and forced or attempted to force them with violence into sexual intercourse. The gang-rape and singular rape took place on the same day. HELSINKI District Court sentenced the man to three and a half years in prison.


Al Mustafa complained about the judgment of the District Court and applied for leniency, inter alia, due to cultural differences. According to the man, the position of a woman and a man in Finnish society is different from what he was accustomed to in his native Syria. He told the court that he believed that in Europe it was free to have sex. In addition, the man reported that he did not know the rape was a punitive act.


In addition, he relied on his young age and dangerous living conditions in his home country. The actual age of the man was presented to the district court with contradictory information, but in the end, the law stated that the man was at the time of the act of age.


THE COURT OF APPEAL dismissed the appeal. The sentence of “the duration of the stay in Finland or its cultural background does not adversely affect the appraisal of the offenses”.



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