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UK: Meghan Markel’s Mosque linked to 19 jihadis including ‘Jihadi John’…….




Kitchen supported by Meghan’s cookbook is housed inside mosque ‘which has links to 19 terror suspects including Jihadi John’

  • The Al Manaar Muslim centre in London is said to be linked to 19 terror suspects
  • One imam allegedly claimed women listening to music could become strippers 
  • Imam Samer Darwish also suggested women should not pray while on periods
  • Other jihadists with alleged links to the mosque include three of four ‘Beatles’
  • One is said to have stood outside the mosque and preached extremist views
  • The Duchess of Sussex has promoted a cookbook at a community kitchen there 

A community kitchen supported by Meghan Markle is based in a mosque with links to terror suspects, it was alleged last night.


The Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre is claimed to have links to 19 Islamic extremists including Jihadi John.


A report in the Telegraph said that one of the imams at the mosque near Grenfell Tower had suggested women who listened to music were at risk of becoming strippers.


The Duchess of Sussex has promoted a charity cookbook on the back of numerous visits to the Hubb Community Kitchen, based at the mosque.


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