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Delingpole: Ten Years of the Climate Change Act – History’s Most Expensive Virtue Signal…….


Delingpole: Ten Years of the Climate Change Act – History’s Most Expensive Virtue Signal


It’s the tenth anniversary of the most stupid, pointless and wasteful piece of legislation ever passed in British parliamentary history: the 2008 Climate Change Act.


If you want to loathe and despise the political class even more than you do already, I heartily recommend a read of the damning report that Rupert Darwall has compiled for the Global Warming Policy Foundation. Keep a bottle of whisky and your service revolver handy for when you’re done.


Darwall describes the Climate Change Act (CCA) as “history’s most expensive virtue signal.”

Unlike, say, the Paris Climate Accord — all of whose carbon emissions targets are entirely voluntary — the CCA imposes on Britain a legally binding commitment to ensure that its CO2 emissions in 2050 are at least 80 per cent lower than in 1990. (Originally the target was just 60 per cent. But then the children got overexcited.)


The costs of meeting this entirely arbitrary target have conservatively been put at between £324 billion and £404 billion. But that was ten years ago and anyway, Darwall believes this is a wild underestimate by mendacious politicians and civil servants who know that if the true costs were ever acknowledged the public would never forgive them. He reckons that as with Germany’s similarly disastrous Energiewende, the costs may eventually exceed £1 trillion.


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