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Finland: State broadcaster YLE spins Islamic yarn, reports more Finnish women converting to Islam, interviews MB connected woman as proof…….


Mind-numbing stupidity…


Pia Jardi, a Finnish convert to Islam (I sat next to her at the event in Helsinki where the OIC sec-gen, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu spoke) has serious connections with the Muslim Brotherhood. That doesn’t bother the maroons at YLE, in fact, that was probably a badge of credibility for them to pursue an interview with her.


IMHO, the whole idea behind this woman’s ‘research’ (that’s why she received the grant money) is to paint a pretty picture of Islam, and cast Muslims/the Islamic community as victims, and those who oppose them and their destructive ideology as ‘marginalized’. Using an Islamic supremacist to talk about justice, equality and peace is revolting, but that’s where we are in the age of the fraud media.


All the more common that Finnish women convert to Islam – the presence of the togetherness and the presence of religion in everyday life

More and more Finnish women are converting to Islam. They often experience the veil as liberation from superficial beauty and not as oppression. In general, women in concealed headscarves are still harassed in Finland.


On November 20th, in the evening, the Muslim one-day long celebration begins Mawlid or Meulud, the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. The Muslims’ many celebrations, and celebration of them, are something that interests more and more Finns.


In the center of Turku are Muslim women’s symbols, the veils, the headscarves of many different kinds, an increasingly familiar sight.


This is obviously because the Muslim refugees and asylum seekers from Muslim countries have increased after the great refugee wave that began in 2015.


In Turku and in other major cities in Finland, indigenous Finns who converted to Islam have also increased.


This is where researcher, Meri Tuovinen, an ethnologist for the University of Jyväskylä, has come for her research.


It is especially Finnish women who have increasingly chosen to adhere to that religion, which has markedly increased throughout the world.

Appealed by the strong traditions


Pia Jardi has been a Muslim for over 30 years. When she met her prospective husband who was a Muslim, she became interested in the religion.


She believes that the interest was especially aroused by the occurrence of Ramadan, and she was then taken by the religion that engages people so deeply that you get stuck long and live according to old patterns.


After this, Pia Jardi began to find out things and noticed that Islam is the right religion for her.


When Pia Jardi joined Islam in 1986 in Finland, there were not as big Muslim communities as there are today. Then there were about a hundred immigrant men and a few women.


Before this, there were just no other Muslims in Finland than the Tartar Muslims.


Just then, the society did not mean so much to Pia Jardi as the religion itself. But as she traveled to her husband’s homeland Morocco, she noticed how society really welcomed them.


People scream on the street


Pia Jardi uses scarves that look like ordinary big scarves.


She tells her that she is generally well-treated too in her job. She works with customer service and has been doing it for over 20 years.


She says, of course, there are always people on the street who scream at her when something has happened in the world.


The cries: terrorist! or something else that they happen to have in mind at the time.


Pia Jardi nevertheless believes that there is a marginal group screaming this way.



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