Fighting Back

Katie Hopkins at Restoration Weekend: Our final stand for the West.



Our final stand for the West.


Well friends, it’s great to be back with you at Restoration Weekend. And what a year it has been. It’s been emotional.


My name is Katie Hopkins, or Milos’ mum. I am a straight white Christian Conservative, and a married mother of 3 kids under 15. Unlike my Muslim friends who have 15 kids under 3.


I am kidding… I don’t have Muslim friends.


All their kids are called Mohammed. Or just, for the variation, Muhammad. Call Mohammed in a school playground in the UK and 450 kids come running. Most of them not that attractive. We are not adding to the gene pool, people.


In this last year I have lost two jobs, been forced out of my family home, been banned from state schools in both Wales and Scotland, and lost my right of entry to South Africa.


I would add my lost dignity to that list but, frankly, that went missing a very long time ago … as any of my former husbands will attest. You can tell by the way I walk.


Dignity is highly over-rated, as Meghan Markle shows us on a daily basis, walking about with the price tag dangling from her clothes, pregnant faster than a Mexican migrant seeking asylum at the Rio Grande.


My job is to find the truths not being told, wherever they may be. In no-go zones in Sweden or migrant camps in France, inside Dearborn’s mosque, with the homeless in Detroit, inside Palestine, beside the black gangs of South Africa or in the dirtier parts of San Fran.

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