Finland: Four Afghans sentenced to prison for gang rape of ethnic Finnish woman…….


They were supposed to be enriching us, not raping us…


Four Afghans were convicted of mass rape Seinäjoki and sent to prison

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Yesterday, in the District Court in southern Ostrobothnia, a rape case trial was held in Seinäjoki, where five Afghan men, who were fleeing persecution and torture, were seated on the defendant’s bench.


  • According to the law, Ghasuddin Ghiasuddin Waudddin has been guilty of several rapes, of which a two-year imprisonment of six months was given.
  • Chinigol Nawshadin was also considered guilty of rape, which was considered to be worth 2 years of imprisonment.
  • Ahmadi Nabin was also considered guilty of rape, the verdict of which was 2 years 3 months imprisonment.
  • Shafai Abdullatif was guilty of rape and was sentenced to 3 years ‘ imprisonment.
  • Abdoli Meeraj was sentenced to six months of conditional imprisonment for forcing a sexual act. Abdoli had confined himself to touching a woman’s breasts and describing her friends ‘ own acne.


The first four were held in detention, since the judgments were more than two years old. They were sent to the Vaasa jail to wait for the verdict.


In addition, each was sentenced to pay thousands of euros as compensation for pain and suffering.



More here in Finnish at PT-Media

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