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US: Crooks & Communists fight to lead Democrat Causus…….


The new Democrat party…



This is the new Democrat House.

Daniel Greenfield


The chair of the Democratic Caucus is one of those influential positions that nobody thinks twice about.


In 2016, Rep. Linda Sanchez got to be the vice-chair of the Democratic Caucus and her appointment was touted as an identity politics first. To get the job, Rep. Sanchez had to beat out Rep. Barbara Lee, an admirer of murderous Communist dictator Fidel Castro. And Sanchez only beat out Lee by two votes.


Together with sister, Loretta Sanchez, who had warned, “the Vietnamese and the Republicans are… trying to take this seat”, the Sanchez sisters were also the only disgraceful sister duo in the House.


Rep. Sanchez had set her sights on serving as the chair of the Democratic Caucus, a position formerly held by luminaries like Senator Bob Menendez, Rep. John Larson, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Dan Rostenkowski, sent to prison for mail fraud. But then her husband was indicted on corruption charges.


Sanchez announced that she was dropping out of the contest to due to “an unexpected family matter.”


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