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Bosch Fawstin: Saying ‘Only Hitler is Hitler’ is Offensive to Facebook……..


What a miserable age to be alive…



Of all the reasons Facebook could have banned me.

Bosch Fawstin
Out of all the reasons Facebook could have banned me –my criticism of Islam, leftists, Washington D.C., politicians in general, for my Mohammad cartoons, my Pigman comic book, etc.,—Facebook just banned me for 30 days (they used the term “ban” instead of “suspend” this time) for posting my cartoon of Hitler crying “I’m Hitler! Only Me!”, and I added the words to my post, “Hitler is Hitler”. My point being that Hitler was a particularly evil historical figure, and that to call everyone you disagree with Hitler diminishes his evil, and diminishes the horrors he committed, which is incredibly callous towards his victims.
I’m used to social media unfairly suspending me and banning me. Twitterstan banned me for good after I criticized Marvel’s Islamic propaganda comic book, Ms. Marvel. We’re in the middle of a global jihad, but you’d never know it if you read the comic book, as the only Muslims in it are heroes or victims. After Pakistan blocked me on Instagramistan, my account is dead. I’m tired of social(ist) media companies focusing on punishing their ideological opponents, while allowing leftists and Muslims to get away with murder.

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