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Daniel Greenfield: Media praises Macron for bashing Trump nationalism, ignores his praise for Nazi collaborator……..


They see only that what they want to see……



Daniel Greenfield


President Emmanuel Macron, the rich kid running France into the ground, is at the center of a media gushfest. And all he had to do was launch an indirect attack on President Trump and “nationalism”.


The media is an easy and cheap date. Bash Trump and it’ll put out for you.


But a French president denouncing “nationalism” is its own absurd joke. Merkel might mean it. Macron certainly does not.


Before Macron’s little stunt, he had praised Marshall Petain, France’s famed Nazi collaborator. If you’re going to get away from nationalism, betraying your country to the Nazis is one way to go.

Here’s the actual Macron reality behind the storm of CNN fake news broadcasts and Washington Post snark from our unserious American lefty media.

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