Islam in Israel Islamic Supremacy

Islamic supremacism on Temple Mount: Jewish man wants to drink from fountain, women scream Islamic war cry……..(video)


This is what we now face all over the world…


Islamic supremacists are dictating what we can say, what we can eat and the list just goes on and on. We’ve done it to ourselves, we allowed these Middle Eastern 7th century throwbacks into our countries and now its either cave to their demands, or pushback.



Watch: Jewish man was attacked by screaming Muslim woman for drinking water at the Temple Mount

A Jew on the Temple Mount was attacked by Muslims when he tried to drink from a public water fountain.

A Muslim woman started screaming as hard as she could to terrorize him.

Muslims are allowed to drink and eat in any open area on the Temple Mount. They also engage in soccer (football) matches and martial arts on the Temple Mount but Jews are not even allowed to pray there.

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This is how Palestinian Muslims treat Jews on the Temple Mount. According to the status quo Jordan and the Palestinian Authority control the Temple Mount.


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