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Finnish petition to stop government signing UN’s Global Compact for Migration reaches 24 000…….


Knowing what I know about the Finnish body politic vis-a-vis the UN and the EU, they’ll sign it…


Getting over 24 000 signatures is a big deal in such a small country, and it will in some way send a signal to the power brokers in the parliament that not everyone agrees with opening their borders wide for just anyone to cross. The simple truth is, Finnish politics (except for the Finns party) demands a slavish attitude toward the international community, with the hope they’ll be backing Finland in the event Russia ever attacks her. It’s a fool’s hope.


Petition to reject the global mass immigration agreement


The UN plan must be halted – the global mass immigration agreement must be prevented

Our national sovereignty is at greater risk than ever before. All decision-making power in Finnish immigration policy is being outsourced.


At a meeting in New York on 19 September, the United Nations plenary assembly approved the text of the Global Compact for Safe, Ordinary and Regular Migration agreement, also called the New York Declaration. In short, we are talking about the Global Compact for Migration ( GCM) . This document will be signed in Morocco on 11 December 2018.


If the GCM agreement is signed, every citizen of the world will be entitled to immigration law in their country of origin. All signatories will lose their right to independently determine the number of immigrants and the immigrants’ starting points for their own country.


Facilitating unimpeded immigration, turning it illegally into law and creating “passageways” in Europe is launching a much larger international tour than we have so far seen.


In addition, the signatories undertake to condemn all criticism and protest as racism and xenophobia. Opponents of unimpeded immigration, according to the UN, must be placed morally in a suspicious light and isolate them socially from society.


At least the United States, Hungary, Austria, Australia and Poland have already formally announced that they will not renounce their sovereignty and therefore will not sign the UN GCM. The agreement raises opposition in other European countries. Several politicians, civil rights activists and civil rights defenders in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have started gathering people’s attention to their campaigns to prevent signature.


Finnish media does not tell anything about the UN plan. The German media reports that the Foreign Ministers of Germany and Finland have already signed the paper preparing them for the names of their countries in April 2018.


We believe that the future content of the agreement must be informed by citizens before its unilateral acceptance and its impact is subject to a wide public debate. It now appears that our political leaders intend to engage in the largest ever demographic change in Finland, as well as for the decommissioning operation of independent nations and peoples, which ultimately wipes the boundaries of states across the globe.


Time is low. We, the undersigned, want to let the posthumously know that this agreement in our name is not approved. We have not given it a mandate. We demand that Finland abandons this agreement.


We are the initiators of the petition, we are preparing a citizens’ initiative to present a law to prepare for all national agreements restricting national decision to be submitted to a referendum.


The GCM Agreement can be read from the Citizen


Terhi Kiemunki 
Mika Schwach 
Tero Ala-Tuuhonen 
Timo Central-Heikkilä 
Jukka Ketonen 
Elisa Hiltunen 
Antti-Jussi Hirsimäki 
Samppa Granlund 
Sami Luoma 
Kim Larni 
Jani Perttilä 
Seikku Kaita

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