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Finland: Manfred Weber crushes Finland’s Alexander Stubb after lackluster performance…….


All the showmanship fell flat, to the point of being obnoxious…


Comment: Weber crushed Stubb completely – got furious applause


The alleged clumsy German is a world-class speaker, writes Seppo Varjus, a specialist journalist.


Alexander Stubb’s rival, Manfred Weber, was already labeled stiff and bland. When Stubb repeated his points in a civilised manner, Weber condemned the Euro-elite which Stubb in Finland represents.


The members of the European Union centre-right EPP group are competing for being a candidate. The winner may perhaps become the President of the European Commission.


Weber immediately began his speech on the euro-elite, who are studying at top universities and, for example, after a few years in London, believes that they know everything. The EPP was originally a coalition of Christian Democratic parties, and Weber remembered this. He said that from Athens to Helsinki every village has a church and such a Europe must be defended. The applause was huge.


On the rhetorical front, Weber said that Europe’s borders must be kept. He spoke of his own memories of the Bulgarian-Turkish border. Weber in general approached the listeners through his own life examples, whether it was a terrorist attack in Brussels or the death of his own brother from cancer. Stubb’s endless points compared to Weber fell flat.


more here at IS (in Finnish)

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