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US: UK MP’s who slammed Pres.Trump’s travel ban now want to ban Tommy Robinson…….


hilarious clown-shoes asshats…


The Left always wants it both ways, meaning whichever way suits them at the time…


Trump Travel Ban Critics Now Beg Administration to Enforce Travel Ban for Tommy Robinson


Several Members of the UK Parliament led by Soros-funded HOPE not Hate director Ruth Smeeth MP — who have in the past expressed hatred for President Donald Trump — are now begging his administration to ban Tommy Robinson from the U.S.


The motion, signed by Ms Smeeth along with 18 other MPs, 16 from the Labour benches and two from the nominally right-wing Conservatives, requests the UK government lobby the Trump administration to prevent a prior ban from being overturned following Mr Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, receiving an invitation to talk in Washington D.C. on the 14th of November.


The motion states that “if the U.S. Administration bows to pressure from right-wing groups and figures allied with the Trump administration and overturns Yaxley-Lennon’s ban and allow him into the U.S., the media exposure and the money he could raise on the trip will have a detrimental impact on community relations in the UK.”


More here.

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