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  1. This is the final war against G_d, waged against His proxy Israel.

    The globalists know what they are doing, as shown by their having the EU parliament building constructed to resemble the “tower of babel.”

    Interesting that the “tower of Babel” was also a war against G-d, waged by a world united under the UN of the day, led by Nimrod. Their rallying cry was the avoidance of the fictitious environmental catastrophe of a second world wide flood which G-d promised wouldn’t happen.

    Here’s something I found over a decade ago on the topic.

    And so it would seem that “global warming” is the oldest trick in the book, literally.

    While AGW isn’t the only trick they have up their sleeves, it’s certainly the most useful for them.

    So, bottom line, Globalism can’t help but be the antithesis of Israel, and they know it. We should, too.

  2. P.S. – The link in my last post to an article on “educate yourself” is a stand-alone piece. It does not mean I approve of other material on that site, especially the anti-Israel nonsense.

  3. P.P.S. – After reviewing some other material on that site, “educate yourself” please feel free to delete (or just never post) my first comment (not yet appearing) since I’d rather rewrite it than have anything from that site in it.

    Sorry about that.


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