Media malfeasance Media Skullduggery Tommy Robinson

UK: From Old Baily courthouse to House of lords, Tommy Robionson dined with Lord Pearson…….


You can almost hear the slamming of the keypad by the journalist typing out the article. Totally over-the-top reporting just in the first few lines.


Clearly not a fan of Tommy nor of justice.


More lies from the Sun. It was no boozy lunch – the booze flowed at the Red Lion in Whitehall after lunch. And no red wine was served. The MSM should be telling the truth about how the Judge dropped the case like a hot brick when he read Tommy’s statement



Tommy Robinson walks free from court and straight to a boozy lunch at the House of Lords


Far-right activist Tommy Robinson was released on bail from the Old Bailey having been accused of committing contempt of court


FAR-right hot-head Tommy Robinson walked free from court — and straight into a boozy lunch at the House of Lords.


Despite still facing a possible jail term for contempt of court, he was welcomed by Ukip bigwig Lord Pearson.


The Sun

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