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Tommy Robinson’s distrust of the British media justified, journos discussed downplaying crowd-size within Old Baily…….


He’s (Tommy) not making things up, the media, whether in the UK, the US (or even here in Finland) are horrific…


I Overheard How Reporters Talk About Tommy Robinson


Over the next few minutes, the bias became even more apparent.


The male reporter had seen commentator Ezra Levant outside and remarked to his colleague that Levant had apparently broken an unspecified law.


“He needs to be arrested,” he said in a markedly non-jovial tone. “He’s whipped up hate.”


The reporter didn’t extrapolate and his colleague didn’t respond.


Moments later, the female reporter said there was no ambiguity about Robinson’s guilt.


“He is in contempt of court,” she said. “There’s not really any doubt.”


Of course, when the presiding judge made the decision to refer the case to the attorney general, it was because he thought there actually was enough doubt and complexity to warrant a fuller hearing.


As the two reporters discussed the size of the crowd outside, they openly agreed to downplay it.


One of the reporters had been told by a member of the law enforcement team that there were at that point 1,500 people outside.


After some banter, the PA reporters agreed they would say “hundreds.” The reason was to not “give it credit,” the female said.


These quotes are direct and were transcribed either while they were being uttered or seconds later. They also didn’t come to be secondhand—I heard them myself.


More here.

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