Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson Live at Old Baily in front of massive crowd…….UPDATE: Case referred to the Attorney General…….


Tommy rips SkyNews pseudo journalist a new one…. You Lie!


UPDATE: Westmonster: 

Tommy Robinson’s case of alleged contempt of court has been referred to the Attorney General as the case is so complex.

Today Robinson appeared before a judge at the Old Bailey after a successfully appealing a ruling that he had broke contempt of court.

Dominic Casciani


BREAKING: Recorder of London says he can no longer hear the Stephen Yaxley-Lennon/Tommy Robinson case as it is so complex it needs to be referred to the Attorney General for further consideration before proceeding.

However, his case has been referred to the Attorney General Geoffery Cox and he has been released again on bail.


More here.


Brian of London


Ezra Levant: “

Is not part of the rule of law that no-one is above the law — but no-one is below it? Why must Tommy go through all this — and be the first journalist imprisoned in 70 years for contempt — but the corporate media skate with a pittance of a fine?


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  1. Thank you, Tommy Robinson, for defending the defenceless and providing a voice for the voiceless! You have the support of millions all around the world. You are the definition of courage, and on behalf of many of the survivors of organised child sexual abuse, I thank you for risking everything to reveal the truth. May God bless and protect you for all that you have sacrificed for the future of our children. Reina in Australia

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