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Finland: Former refugee of the year Saido Mohamed on trial for money laundering/benefits fraud……


I guess bringing the ”old country’s” habits with you comes at a cost (usually at everyone’s expense)…


Former Green Party politician on trial over benefit fraud


Saido Mohamed is accused of money laundering and concealment in her sister’s child benefit fraud case.

Vuoden pakolaisnainen 2011, Saido Mohamed
Saido Mohamed Image: Eva-Liisa Orupöld

The proceedings in a money laundering case involving a former Green Party politician will start at the Helsinki District Court on Tuesday. Saido Mohamed, 44, who served as deputy member of Helsinki City Council until 2017, is suspected of aggravated money laundering.


The case involves Mohamed’s sister who had moved from Finland to Great Britain without notifying the Finnish authorities, and continued to claim Finnish child benefit for 10 years. The amount of child benefit fraudulently received over the years amounted to more than 44,000 euros. The sister was found guilty of aggravated fraud and received a 14-month suspended sentence in 2016.


After the sister’s conviction became public, the police said it received three requests to investigate Mohamed’s role in the case. According to the police, Mohamed used the sister’s debit card to withdraw the child benefit and sent the money to her in Great Britain. However, the sister said during her trial that Mohamed never gave her the money but spent it on her studies instead.


Mohamed, who has also been charged with concealment, was previously a deputy council member of the National Coalition Party, but defected to the Green Party in 2016. She withdrew from politics following the sister’s sentence.


Mohamed was awarded the title of Woman Refugee of the Year in 2011.


In January, a Helsinki court dismissed charges against Merja Kasoi, the former CEO of pension insurer Keva, who had accepted 19,000 euros in child allowances from Norway while living in Finland.



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