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Thug Putin’s Russia: Second assassin caught, making Putin’s position untenable…….


Those who are anti-globalist (rejection of international institutions supplanting the sovereignty of national parliaments and congresses) and admire Vladimir Putin, do so at great cost to their credibility. 


Being anti-EU doesn’t mean that you have to shill for the Russians. This blog’s owner loathes the EU, as well as loathing Putin for being the thug that he is. He’s as much of a statist as the EU-crats and his type of rule does come at the expense of your well being. He’s not a friend, never has been. If we could be rid of them both (plus their mindset) we’d all be better off.


‘Putin has been CAUGHT!’ Second ASSASSIN in Skripal case makes Russia’s position untenable

THE IDENTITY of the second assassin involved in the Salisbury nerve agent attack unprecedentedly exposes Vladimir Putin’s lies about Russia’s involvement in the Skripal poisoning, a leading researcher has claimed.


Appearing on BBC Newsnight, Christo Grozev, who was part of the team at Bellingcat who revealed the name of the second Skripal suspect, said the Kremlin’s line of defence will now be indefensible.


On Monday night, the man who used the alias Alexander Petrov to travel to the UK, was unmasked as Doctor Alexander Mishkin, a trained military doctor employed by the GRU – Russia’s military intelligence agency.


Asked by presenter Ian Davis whether the revelation is “a big blow” which will stop Mishkin and his alleged accomplice from working for the GRU, Mr Grozev claimed “it is a given”.


He added: “Putin has been caught in an open lie twice.


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