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Svengali Alexander Stubb ready to show the door to Viktor Orbán – requires a written agreement…….


A tyrant (Stubb) trying to sound like a classical liberal against classical liberal (Orban) being cast as a tyrant.


Stubb pretends to be something that he’s not, he’s for grabbing power, and if the will of the people differs from that of his own, the people be damned. There’s a reason why the centralization of concentrated power scares the living daylights out of former communist countries in the former Eastern block of the Cold War era. They can smell tyranny, they know what it is and how it tries to present itself as something other than it really is.


Finnish career politician, Alexander Stubb, is a professional ladder climber, first cutting his teeth in EU politics before he ventured back home to become acting FM then PM of the country. Now after a stint in the EIB, he’s back at it for even more power with a move to become president of the EU commission. He’s a real Svengali-type weasel. In this latest ploy he’s trying to show his street creds to the people he hopes will lift him into that top spot. I just might work, to the detriment of everyone else.


Alexander Stubb ready to show the door to Viktor Orbán – requires a written agreement


According to Alexander Stubb, the process has to start within a couple of weeks, as EU leaders will meet in Brussels.


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has to undertake a written commitment to respect the fundamental values or the Fidesz Party he represents must separate the center-right group from the EPP. This is how the leader of the European Investment Bank, Alexander Stubb (co -founder), who is aiming for the EPP’s ultimate goal, is in an interview with online news .


According to Stubb, a solution needs to be made quickly. The process has to start in a couple of weeks, as EU leaders will meet in Brussels at the EU summit on 17 October.


According to Stubb, there is a debate on this meeting, which will start formal negotiations with Orban. As a result of the negotiations, the Prime Minister of Hungary either signs a written commitment to respect the core values or the right consensus party Fidesz is separated from the EPP.


“There is always an attempt to find a solution, but I have zero tolerance for intolerance,” Stubb points out.


“Values are Black and White”


There are not many Black and White affairs in the world, according to the Vice-President of the European Investment Bank, but the values are one of them.


– The values are undivided. Human dignity especially. You are either with us or outside. If Orban does not respect common European values, he or she must be separated.


Orban announced in spring that he started his fourth term as the country’s prime minister that the time of liberal democracy is over. The Right Conservative Party Fidesz has made changes to the Hungarian constitution, in which the electoral system has been modified to strengthen the government’s power position.


Changes have been made to the contents of the history books of schools and the country’s print media is in the hands of the government. Under the election, Fidesz frowned on the stranger’s fame with his hate speech and propaganda. In addition, according to experts, there is widespread corruption in Hungary.


According to Stubb, the EPP cannot speak of being a political party if at the same time there are members who misinterpret the rule of law and violate the freedom of the media and the academic world.


– If we lose our value, we lose our identity and there is nothing left to build the future of Europe, Stubb.


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  1. Unlike Finland, Hungary endured 180 years of Muslim rule following Hungary’s defeat by the Ottoman Turks in 1526.

    As far as Muslim settlement in Hungary goes, I would surmise that Hungary has a long collective memory of what it was like under the rule of the Ottomans.

    Hungary will not agree to the EU and Merkel in this regard. It has shut the gates and put up the barricades.

    Hopefully Orban and his party will stand firm – no Muslim immigrants.

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