Finland: Visa for no-show Iraqi passport delegation in order to handout passports to Iraqi (settler) asylum/refugee seekers to expire on Sunday…….


Let’s hope that they never show up and these settlers repatriated to their homeland…


That Finland even allowed for their government to come and hand out passports to them for the purpose of obtaining work here, is an outrage in itself.


Iraqi passport delegation has still not arrived, as promised – interior ministry still expecting them, visas expires



HOME 5.10.2018 14:14 JOONAS KUIKKA

The arrival of an Iraqi passport delegation to Finland has been delayed, as told by the Interior Ministry. The delegation was due to arrive in Finland already in September. The visa expires on Sunday, and no new time has been confirmed.


The Iraqi delegation with its passports has not arrived in Finland within the expected time.


The group was supposed to come to Finland in September to distribute passports to asylum seekers who have received a negative asylum decision but who are employed in Iraq who are absent from their home country for a passport to apply for a work permit in Finland.


– The visa issued to the Delegation expires on Sunday. They have to make a new visa grant when they are coming, “says negotiating officer Kalle Kekomäki from the International Office of the Ministry of the Interior to Lännen Media.


Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen (Co-President), on 12 September, told the media that the delegation would come to Finland in September. According to him, there are some hundreds of asylum seekers who have come to Finland who could thus obtain a passport and a work permit.

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