Denmark and Austria present joint plan on asylum…….


As they should…


Denmark and Austria present joint plan on asylum

Denmark’s minister for immigration and integration Inger Støjberg was in Vienna on Thursday as the two countries presented their plan for reforms to the EU’s asylum system.
Denmark and Austria present joint plan on asylum

Austria and Denmark plan to launch a pilot project establishing a deportation centre based outside the EU for rejected asylum seekers.


The two countries have been engaged in negotiations over the proposed centre since early this year.


Aims of the project include providing shelter to refugees closer to their home countries and to disrupt people smuggling operations.


Støjberg spoke about the envisaged system with Austrian interior minister Herbert Kickl on Thursday.


“We maintain that asylum should be sought in the first country you arrive in, instead of travelling through Europe,” the Danish minister said to Ritzau.


“In return, we are committed to increasing the capacity [of countries neighbouring conflict areas to manage asylum arrivals, ed.]. That can mean anything from healthcare, education, border guards and a system to manage asylum seekers,” she said.


A deportation centre located outside the EU would reduce incentive for people to travel across Europe to seek asylum, according to Støjberg.


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