Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven ousted in no-confidence vote, first time ever in Swedish political history…….

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven ousted in no-confidence vote

Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven has been voted out of the job by a majority of parliament – the first Swedish prime minister to be ousted in such a vote.

A total of 204 of Sweden’s 349 members of parliament voted no to Löfven as prime minister on Tuesday morning.


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It will now be up to speaker of parliament Andreas Norlén to ask another party leader to try to form a government. Löfven is however set to lead a caretaker government during the weeks or months it is expected to take to find a new head of government.


Elections on September 9th left neither of Sweden’s main blocs with an absolute majority, with just one seat separating the centre-left (Social Democrats and the Green Party) and the centre-right Alliance (Moderate Party, Centre Party, Christian Democrats, and Liberals).


The Sweden Democrats are the third largest group, and some right-wing MPs have suggested cooperation with the far-right party. The Centre Party and Liberals have said they would quit the Alliance if the Moderates and Christian Democrats were to negotiate a deal – for example on immigration – with the far-right in exchange for their support.


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